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Our mission is to develop a long-term relationship with each customer by providing a logistics network that offers a variety of innovative and reliable services now and for the future. 

Air, Land and Sea solutions – a simplified description of what Team Worldwide provides to our customers. Since the founding of Team in 1979 by Joe E. Brunson and son Bobby J. Brunson, our service commitment to the customer always comes first. To continue to meet this commitment requires foresight and the ability to handle every logistical contingency.

In the world of high-pressure, time-sensitive, global-scale transportation, one size tends not to “fit all”.  That’s why Team specializes in detail-oriented logistical services tailored to suit a wide variety of transportation and freight forwarding needs.

The “Team” in our name stands for our people who have built a North American network of independently owned and operated freight forwarding companies, with international partners operating globally under TIGA® (Team International Global Alliance®). The unique structure of Team allows unparalleled flexibility in meeting your specific freight forwarding needs. The people of Team will work with you as your partner to create solutions perfect for your business’ specific needs. And we won’t rest until your team wins.

Team is a worldwide, yet locally-minded business with the resources to offer global control of your products’ movement.  We provide a world of services which complement the movement and quality control of your shipments through our family of operating companies: Team Air Express, Team Logistics, Team Transportation, Team Ocean Services and Team Customs Brokerage.

As a multi-year recipient of the Logistics Management Quest for Quality Award in Freight Forwarding, the Team Worldwide commitment makes every delivery like a trip around the corner—no matter where that corner is.