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Today, Team Worldwide is a diversified logistics provider that offers “best in class” solutions for its customers¬†around the globe. In 1979, Joe E. Brunson and son Bobby J. Brunson saw a unique opportunity to set in motion a domestic freight forwarding company that would operate as a cohesive business unit in cities around the United States, connected by a single support system.

Since that time, and now under the third generation leadership of Jason Brunson, Team Worldwide has evolved from the traditional airfreight forwarder into a Global Logistics Provider. Team Worldwide is comprised of the service companies of Team Air Express, Team Logistics, Team Transportation, Team Ocean Services and Team Customs Brokerage. Offerings include domestic and international air cargo service, domestic surface transportation, warehousing/distribution capabilities and other ancillary service capabilities that provide Team’s customers a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our unique business model of providing local solutions while realizing the global supply chain impact has differentiated us from the competition. The name Team has become synonymous with reliability, innovation and quality.

Driven by the same entrepreneurial spirit that created Team, we provide the solutions you have been seeking. Whatever the need, whatever the time, we are ready and available to meet your needs.